Photos from 2016 Latino Read-In


The 4th graders from Ana De Los Reyes' class at CUES.

Today I was at Community United Elementary School for the Latino Read-in.  I read a book to Ana De Los Reyes' 4th grade class called Grandma's Gift, by Eric Velasquez. It was lots of fun, just like last year. The students always have the most interesting questions about what I do as a School Board member, how I got elected, whether I like serving on the board, etc.















Some CUES students serve as Library Aides, and help the librarian to check out books, keep the books organized, and more.















Jaymie Lollie was another reader at the Latino Read-In.  She is the Community Schools Manager at Frick Middle School, another District 6 school.

Hanging out with students and parents is the best part of the School Board role, hands down.  It always reconnects me with my purpose as a School Board member, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I had today to spend time with our students.  Looking forward to the next Read-In, which will probably be the African American Read-In.

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