2017 African American Read-In Was Fun!


Theresa Clark teaches 4th grade at Community United Elementary School.

Sometimes it's the little things that make serving on the School Board worth it. The big stuff is hard and can feel hopeless and overwhelming. 

Yesterday I got to read to Mrs. Clark's 4th grade class at CUES, for the second time. I read The Book Itch by Vaunda Michaux Nelson, which is about a boy whose family owns a black liberation-themed bookstore in Harlem, and all the amazing black leaders he gets to meet as a result. The book is about how liberation comes through education, and is also beautifully illustrated.















CUES is one of the most diverse schools in District 6.

CUES is very diverse, with Middle Eastern, Black and Latino students, and a growing dual immersion Spanish-English program.

The kids had lots to share with their School Board member, about the food at the school, the state of the bathrooms, their desire for more field trips, and the cool field trips they have been on. 

I love seeing our beautiful, intelligent and spirited students. Spending time with students and parents is always the best reminder for me about why I serve on the board, what it's all for. 

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