"Our Schools are Not for Sale," say Oakland Parents


Oakland parents held a press conference this week to denounce the flood of cash from out of state billionaires in Oakland School Board races.

Parents United for Public Schools and Oakland Working Families held a press conference this week to express concern about the flood of billionaire money in OUSD School Board races, and what it means for their opportunities to shape the agenda for our school district and schools.















Liz Suk (right) is a mom at Melrose Leadership Academy. She said that Oakland parents know what our students need, and they should be setting the agenda for our district, not billionaires from out of state.















Clarissa Doutherd, right, has a son at Laurel Elementary. She said that her special needs son is not the priority for the right-wing billionaire donors currently trying to buy Oakland School Board seats, and that we need a School Board focused on the needs of students like her son, not the agenda of out of state billionaires.















Tony Daquipa, right, is a dad at Sequoia Elementary. He objected to the large number of white billionaires trying to control the destiny of students and a district that is majority students and families of color.

Kim Davis, a founding parent from Parents United for Public Schools (PUPS), concluded by saying that Oakland parents have a vision for our schools, and that vision is the one that needs to be the focus for the Oakland School Board. She and other PUPS supporters are concerned that the flood of cash into School Board races distracts the School Board from the agenda that Oakland parents have for the district, to the priorities of those who fund their campaigns.

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