Photos from Munck Oratorical Competition


Regina Bryels was my fellow judge.  She runs the food distribution program at Brookins AME Church.

Today I had the pleasure of judging the Oratorical Competition at Carl Munck Elementary School.  The event qualifies students to advance to the citywide Martin Luther King Jr Oratorical Competition, which is a 37-year tradition in OUSD. 

Historically, District 6 schools have done very well in the competition, and Burckhalter students took home the prize last year.

It was fun to see how much talent our students have, and also passion about their heritage.


A kindergarten class at Munck.

Some of the things I do as a School Board member are not so fun, so this was a special treat, even if judging super young kids who can't sit still and follow directions well is really hard to do!


Denise Burroughs (left) is the Principal at Munck Elementary.  She is one of the longest-serving principals in District 6.

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