Thank you, Oakland!


Me with my dad and his partner Rosemary, who made hundreds of reminder phone calls to voters in the days before the election.


Thank you, Oakland voters, for the vote of confidence!  I was elected by a large margin last week, and am honored by your faith in me.

I am determined to be an informed, responsible board member, and am working as I write to put together a cabinet of people who will help me to learn as much as I can in the coming months, so that I can make responsible decisions and provide sound leadership on the board.  There is a lot to learn.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos with you from my victory party, which was generously hosted by Rafael Zamora at Digital Design Communications, with food and drinks donated by Otaez and Pepsi.

I was blessed with a great staff and supporters, many of who are pictured here.

More to come as I embark on this journey!



Me with Nell and Elizabeth, two members of my awesome staff!


Victory_Party_3.jpgMe with Janan and Vicente, two of the finest teachers and strongest supporters in Oakland.

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