Close Encounters of the Ecological Kind


I had the fun experience a couple of weekends ago of meeting some parents and community members from the Melrose Leadership Academy for the painting of a new mural at the school.  They received funding from for a mural to teach kids about composting.

I learned about their programs for schools, which I didn't know anything about, and I took the pledge to compost, which is the theme of the mural I helped paint.

I had never painted a mural before; it was fun, and so was meeting some of the Melrose parents and neighbors.  If you get a chance to stop by and see the mural, check out the ants - I painted them!  See below.  I also painted some of the vines in the bottom photo. 















Below are some of the volunteers I got to work with.  Pancho Pescador, the art teacher at the school, designed the mural.  He and the Melrose students have painted most of the murals at the school.
















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