OEA Kicks Off Campaign for Endorsed Candidates

Tonight was the Campaign Kickoff for the Oakland Education Association, so I got to hang out with Oakland's finest, and also the other OEA-endorsed candidates, including Dan Siegel (Candidate for Mayor), Karl Debro (endorsed for School Board in District 4) and Assemblymember Rob Bonta, who has endorsed me for School Board.


Also included in this photo are Doug Appel, who works for CTA and Janan Apaydin, who teaches at Kaiser Elementary.

It is such an honor to be endorsed by Oakland's teachers, who show such tremendous grace under pressure every day.  They are the lowest paid teachers in Alameda County, serving some of the most challenging kids.  I am really looking forward to working with them to address some of the problems facing the district.

Some additional photos are below.  I have to admit that schmoozing was not something I enjoyed at the start of the campaign, but I am enjoying it now, and I got to talk to lots of teachers who will be walking and phoning in my race, many of whom also live in my district.


Me with Assemblymember Rob Bonta.


Me with Stella Collins, who teaches at the Arroyo Viejo CDC, and whose family lives in my district.

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