Photos from Frick Impact Academy Launch


Last night was the launch for Frick Impact Academy, and I wanted to share some of the photos I took. Above is a photo of me with the Lopez family.  Juan and Blanca - and their two kids - have been involved from the very beginning in the redesign process, and the school is so lucky to have the family as part of the community.  The dedication and commitment of the parents to the school has been very impressive to me.


Christina Anderson, top left, is a Special Education teacher at Frick, and is one of the co-leaders of the school's design team.  Her passion and energy for the school have been an inspiration to me.  Johnell Antonio, is a parent at the school.  And while her son will be moving on to Skyline next year, she is committed to staying on and seeing through the redesign of the school.


This is me with Jeffrey Taylor, Frick's Principal, and Lei Fili, another dedicated Frick parent.  Lei was one of the first Frick parents I met, and has been a Frick parent for over a decade, because many of her children have gone to Frick. 


This is me with Doshia Battiest, who lives in the neighborhood.  Her son is not old enough to attend Frick yet, but she has attended the community meetings because she wants to make sure there is a great school in the neighborhood for him to attend when he is ready to enter middle school.

I am very excited about what is taking shape at Frick, because they are focused not just on Frick's academics, which is clearly important, but also on how to get students more engaged in school.  Frick will be a sports, sports medicine and STEM school (science, technology, engineering and math).  They have the facilities to support a strong athletic program, and research shows that students who are physically active and involved in sports do better in school.  Students will also be more likely to come to school if there are activities they are excited about, like sports.

They are also looking at how to make the school feel more welcoming to all families, by working on the culture and climate.

The commitment of the design team families and teachers is inspiring to me, and I'm excited to see what comes out of their work.  The design team is doorknocking families this weekend to tell them about the new school and get them interested in attending.  Volunteers are meeting Saturday 5/2 at 10 am in the library, if you would like to join them.

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